We have a vision.

We want to leave a better world for future generations.

How are we doing that? We’re revolutionizing the way electronics are made by deploying a closed-loop process for the manufacturing of key materials.

It’s something that’s never been done before.
But we’re doing it.

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    Circuit boards are disassembled, shredded and ground.

    In a true closed loop economy, everything is re-used.

    In this case, we use a combination of electromagnets, water and lots of sonic vibration to separate out all materials, including precious metals, from e-waste – particularly circuit boards.Sounds simple. And it is. But only because we happen to own the rights to several proprietary technologies, and only because we have some very smart people who have figured out how to combine those technologies in a very innovative way, different from how anyone else is doing it. And the best part is that it’s a closed-loop system.
    There are no air emissions.No water effluent.No negative impact on the planet.Like we said, everything is re-used.

  • How much e-waste is produced and where does it go?
    20 to 50 million metric tonnes of electronic waste are generated every year.

    The U.S alone discards 14 to 20 million personal computers every year.

    80% of “recycled” e-waste goes to developing countries where impoverished people burn the plastic to extract metals, releasing toxic chemicals.

    We have re-defined sustainability.

    Our process is reinventing the way electronics are managed while positively impacting the lives of people around the world. (Oh, and it creates a cleaner planet while stimulating local economies).
    No short cuts, no compromises.

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    Beyond sustainable materials.

    At Ronin8, we are a diverse, global team of experts, drawn from different industries that would normally not intersect. Based in Canada, we are driven to leaving a positive legacy through leading global standards in
    e-waste recycling by recovering and re-using 100% of the materials contained in electronics while quantifying the real impact of our actions.
    We are solutions providers. We consistently seek out new ideas and technology to ensure we leave a positive legacy for future generations. We enable our strategic partners to participate in a beyond-closed-loop economy, driving their brand value, and increasing their relevance and profitability for the long term.
    We’re not thinking…what now?
    We’re thinking…what’s next?