Bob Molle

Global Brand Ambassador

Bob Molle’s first career was as an Olympian and accomplished professional athlete, winning a silver medal in wrestling and two Grey Cups from the Canadian Football League. As team captain, award-winning coach, and a natural leader, he has extensive experience in assembling winning teams and coached A-player athletes at the university level.

Transitioning from pro athlete to corporate sales, Bob held VP of Sales roles for national and global companies including Ceridian, Canada’s largest external integrated human resources management. Bob naturally lent his emotional and psychological acumen to build and lead internal sales teams to performance benchmarking as well as to deeply anticipate clients‘ needs to drive longterm, value-based growth.

In 2005, Bob began his life’s passion as a business coach and global public speaker. Bob facilitates transformations and rapid learning that stretches to new levels of competitive excellence within executives, departments, and entire organizations. His true gift as a maximizer is in helping others capitalize and further cultivate their existing skills, enhancing innovation, productivity, and multi-faceted success. Bob achieves this through imparting strategies to build harmony and unification within all relationships.

From his role as a business coach, Bob is also the Global Brand Ambassador at Ronin8 Technologies Ltd, the world’s leading solution for the recycling of e-waste streams including printed circuit boards, solar panels, and other e-waste. Ronin8 is at the forefront of the urban mining industry, and uses proprietary, sustainable technologies and novel engineering processes to extract both metals and non-metals from e-waste streams. Here, Bob extends his decades of experience and relational intelligence to building and coaching the internal Ronin8 team and is also overseeing international partnerships.

Bob holds a BA with focus in Psychology, Criminology, and Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University. He won a Silver Medal in Olympic Wrestling in the 1984 Olympic Games, is a two-time Grey Cup Champion (1988-1990), earned the prestigious CIS National Coach of the Year award for two years (1991, 1993), and authored the book Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. Bob considers himself a life-long learner, studying Eastern philosophies and wisdom, as well as in general professional development, having recently completed an Executive Strategic Negiotiations program at Harvard Business School.

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