Ed Desjardins

Chief Operating Officer

Ed Desjardins is an executive with seasoned, global experience in the mining industry, having worked in Australia, Mali, Peru, Indonesia, South Africa, and Canada. He has held senior positions at various well-known mining companies, possessing well-rounded trade intelligence.

In 2017, Ed joined Ronin8 Technologies Ltd. as its Chief Operating Ocer. Established in 2015, Ronin8 is the world’s leading solution for the recycling of e-waste streams including printed circuit boards, solar panels, and other e-waste. Ronin8 is at the forefront of the urban mining industry, and uses proprietary, sustainable technologies and novel engineering processes to extract both metals and non-metals from e-waste streams.

Prior to Ronin8, Ed led divisions and organizations-at-large in both management and operations, including at Uptake, Guardvant, Trevali Mining, AngloGold Ashanti, Barick Gold, and Newmont Mining, among others. Ed has directed comprehensive activities, with focuses on the construction and commissioning of plants, sustainability, stakeholder relation (including communities), environmental compliance, and occupational health and safety.

Ed is known to have an inexhaustible ability to lead with balance of inspiration and practicality backed by his breadth of experience in the mining engineering field. His valuable input and guidance helps overcome technical and political barriers along the way and delivers positive results at the end of every project.

Ed is a graduate of Simon Fraser University, where he completed a MBA with a concentration on Executive Strategy and holds a Diploma in Mining Engineering from Haileybury School of Mines.

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