Francisco Tapia

Vice President, Latin America

Francisco Tapia is an entrepreneur and leader in the sustainability and wellness industries, with a focus on organic agriculture and social impact.

Francisco joined Ronin8 Technologies Ltd. as its Vice President, Latin America in 2017. Ronin8 is the world’s leading solution for the recycling of e-waste streams including printed circuit boards, solar panels, and other e-waste. Ronin8 is at the forefront of the urban mining industry, and uses proprietary, sustainable technologies and novel engineering processes to extract both metals and non-metals from e-waste streams. His specific role at Ronin8 is to fulfill the roll out and operations of plants in Mexico and across Latin America, cultivating strategic alliances in a culturally diverse region to best benefit these communities.

Beyond Ronin8, Francisco founded and directs Mexican conglomerate, Grupo Wellin, which aims to create wellness in a sustainable world through three facets:

1) Organic food (Rico Farms, the first organic farm in Mexico and Loverde restaurant);
2) Financial Literacy Education (Reto Financiero); and
3) Social Impact Real Estate Investments

As Grupo Wellin’s CEO, Francisco has pioneered a values-based organization that both innovates systems and empowers the Hermosillo community and larger Sonora area while fulfilling the mass demand for organic produce across North America. Francisco serves tirelessly to identify barriers to wellbeing and then inspires teams to create sustainable solutions that are transformative, impactful, and long term that are felt broadly across geographics and demographics.

Francisco holds a BE in Industrial Engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey. He is an active member in the business community and has served as Presidente Jovenes Empresarios (President of Young Entrepreneurs) with Coparmex Sonora, an independent business-social impact council, where Francisco lends his experience in economic empowerment.

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