Stephen Baker

Vice President, Global Development

Stephen Baker is an executive with extensive experience in regional and multi-regional operations. He has held progressively senior positions at Shaw Communications for over 25 years, where he directed revenue growth, managed capital budgets, and established corporate business structures. Major allocated projects included extensive fibre optic expansion eorts and integration of high definition and rural penetration of high speed internet, where he was involved in many capacities ranging from strategic planning to long term forecasting; talent leadership and development to evaluating infrastructure capacity. In an increasingly competitive market, Steve consistently worked to identify cost-savings measures to reduce expense and increase overall liquidity.

Steve joined Ronin8 Technologies Ltd. as Vice President, Global Development in 2017. Ronin8 is the world’s leading solution for the recycling of e-waste streams including printed circuit boards, solar panels, and other e-waste. Ronin8 is at the forefront of the urban mining industry, and uses proprietary, sustainable technologies and novel engineering processes to extract both metals and non-metals from e-waste streams.

Steve is known to have an inexhaustible ability to cultivate and build meaningful relationships that are based on shared values. Steve’s network in the electronics goods industry are vast and far-reaching.

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