Bringing 21st century mineral economics & sustainability to the strategic metals play

The world is facing a depletion of natural reserves in the critical commodity metals sector. Notably, amongst these are the very metals contained in the technology that underpin our modern infrastructures.

Ronin8 technology enable robust and sustainable regeneration of strategic metals from wastes.

We treat, and repurpose e-wastes to produce critical metals.

  • Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Sn, Cu, Nd from circuit boards
  • Co, Ni, Mn, Li, Cu from spent lithium-ion batteries (“LIBs”)
  • Cd, Ni, Mn from spent alkaline and NiCad batteries
  • Nd, Dy from magnets used in hard drives, EV motors, wind turbines
  • Cd, In, Ga, S from CIGS thin film solar panels
  • Cd, Te from CdTe thin film solar panels

Our recycling processes meet and exceed IEA targets for environmental compliance thanks to a singular focus on clean, efficient technologies.

Sustainable extraction of pure metals from e-wastes  

  • PCT and Granted IP portfolio
  • Closed-loop systems – no toxic residues
  • Robust and scalable patented processes employing material separation, hydrometallurgical extraction and refining technologies
  • >95% recovery – directly to a final ultra pure >99.9% product 
  • First truly closed-loop recycling of metals and other material from Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBs) and Lithium Ion Batteries (LIBs)