Mike J. Dry, Ph. D.
Director –  Process Engineering

Dr. Dry s the preeminent metallurgical process expert in the world today specializing in mass energy balance and use of quantitative data reconciliation, critical to transition between Design-Build-Operate phases of a Mining Project. He is renowned for ability to engage in rigorous critical review and technical analysis of metallurgical processes.

Mike leads all engineering, development, and technical project execution of industrial waste remediation and value recovery applications. He has been past President of Argento Plata Metals Ltd, as well as being the Head of Hydrometallurgy at the world renowned Mintek. He is acknowledged for ability to engage in rigorous critical review and analysis of metallurgical processes and being able to amplify findings from experimental phases into optimized engineering feasibilities.

Bryn Harris, Ph. D.
Director – Technologies, Chief Science Officer

Bryn Harris brings unparalleled expertise in the treatment of metalliferous ores, metals refining and materials processing in the mining and refining industries.

His innovative design led to him leading the successful commissioning of the Gold Plant at CCR (Canadian Copper Refinery, now Glencore) in Montreal, heralding the modern era in gold refining technology. CCR recouped 100% of it’s costs within 5 weeks of its launch and is to date the most successful and environmentally sustainable gold refinery in the world, producing over one million ounces of gold annually.

Since 2002, Dr. Harris has been working on developing groundbreaking innovative processes where he has authored or co-authored over 80 technical publications and is the holder of multitude of world class Patents in metals extraction and sustainable mining processes.

Carl White
Chief Metallurgist

Carl White is widely acknowledged as a world leader in quantitative metallurgy. As technical advisor to Noranda R&D team , his fields of endeavor focused on extractive metallurgy, leaching/solid liquid separation circuits and brine purification units. Carl’s present activities are in developing novel disruptive pathways in the field of hydrometallurgy and analytical methodologies, specifically conceptual process flowsheets for recovery of precious & base metals and sustainable power.

In addition to being the driving force behind numerous patents and publications, he is universally recognized by his peers to be the ‘go to’ problem solver, celebrating his unequivocal unique talent and spirit.

Jon Park
Managing Director

Jon Park is at the helm of a new generation of game theorist innovator-entrepreneur, who prefer to be at the front and center of their risk constructs. He is responsible for capitalization of Ronin8’s extensive Intellectual Property portfolio.

Mr. Park was the Legislative Committee Chairman of the Canadian Taekwondo Federation, Canada’s national governing body’s representation at the IOC (International Olympic Committee) during its ascension to acceptance and official certification as a permanent member of the Games of the Olympiad.

Evgeny Bareev
Director – Strategy & Risk

Evgeny Bareev heads all strategic planning for the Ronin Group of companies. GM Bareev is a world renowned International Grandmaster accredited under FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs), and acknowledged expert in behavioral heuristics specializing in decision making under risk.

He is a leading proponent for necessity of calculating and precision forecasting of accurate probability outcomes and unintended consequences prior to actioning.

Bruce Sifton
Director – Partnership – Co-Founder

Bruce Sifton has founded several material technology companies. Over his nearly 25 year career, Bruce has a proven track record in creating value around diverse opportunities such as urban mining from electronic waste, carbon-based nanochemistry in power and metal applications, basalt fiber composites for military applications and specialty paints and coatings.

Bruce is a registered professional engineer in both British Columbia and Saskatchewan and holds a BSc. (Chemistry) and Master of Engineering (Chemical) from the University of New Brunswick.

Vasili Salouros
CIOChief Investment Officer

Vasili Salouros manages all investment strategies and portfolios for the Ronin Group of companies’ portfolio. Key areas of expertise include deal team protocol, operational efficiency, asset acquisition, organizational effectiveness, and profit optimisation.

Previously Vasili spearheaded a publicly listed medical technology company as Director of Canadian Operations where he implemented and headed the organization’s commercial expansion.

Lisa L. Deere
Logistics Ops

Lisa has extensive background in metallurgical project Management and Technology implementation, planning process logistics from research to development team to operations engineers. Over the past years working closely with the principal scientists, Lisa has developed a unique comprehension of the inner workings of the IP portfolio and Ronin’s unique methodologies, and in being able to address technical metrics; proprietary schematics, flow sheets, matrices specific to each ore, initial scoping trials, batch to continuous pilots.

She presently oversees essential components of design to implementation, gauging realistic milestones with extreme process performance thresholds in one of the most fiercely demanding and competitive of industries.

Michaël Barcet
General Counsel

Michaël is Member of the Quebec Bar, practicing in all areas of civil and commercial litigation, and Intellectual Property assertion & licensing. Me. Barcet has represented successfully before the various bodies, the Court of Quebec, the Quebec Superior Court, the Quebec Court of Appeal, as well as before administrative tribunals.

Me. Barcet holds a Masters from University of Strasbourg as well as a Law degree from Université de Montréal.

Brad Aelicks
Capital Markets

Brad is responsible for developing strategic relationships and overseeing the relationship-aspects of the global roll out of our Business Units. He has extensive experience overseeing regional operations across a wide territory and with thousands of staff and clients, and a proven track record of revenue generation while ensuring all budgetary resources are allocated efficiently. As co-founder and Principal of Pyfera Capital, he is directly involved in a number of major M&A transactions.

John Chao, Ph D.

Dr. Chao is the recent Vice-Chairman of CES [China Energy Storage Materials], past Director of Industry Studies at Rio Tinto following a storied career as Chief Process Metallurgist at QIT [Quebec Iron & Titanium] and Senior Process Engineer at Falconbridge, now Glencore PLC.

CES has several subsidiaries in China – Guangxi China Energy Storage Materials, Hunan China Energy Storage Materials, and Dalian China Energy Storage Materials, and was formed and registered in Hong Kong to be a sister company of IRL [International Resource Ltd] in conjunction with its acquisition of Mapochs Mine and Evraz Highveld Steel Vanadium mining operation and steel mills at Mapochs, South Africa.

Shaq Kheder
Full Stack, Software and Data Engineer

Shaq Kheder is a computer engineer with 2 decades of experience at top level IT, software development and hardware integration focused on building  solutions for major industries. In 2015, he spearheaded the troubleshooting team for the world’s leading concrete quality control, production analysis and engineering software, which then led to it being acquired in 2017 by GCP Applied Technologies, a publicly-traded company on NYSE.

Shaq and his team developed and implemented an IoT-enabled smart  automation software leveraging machine learning algorithms for data analysis and modeling. The team also oversees the design and construction of modular processing units for metals extraction.

Guillaume Babin-Tremblay
Director – Network & Software Architecture

Guillaume is a serial entrepreneur and software developer with over 20 years of experience in quantitative finance, algorithmic trading, machine learning and engineering software. Over the course of his career, he has provided software development and trading automation consulting services to several well-known financial firms including Merrill Lynch (now part of Bank of America), Think or Swim (now part of TD Ameritrade) and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Board and Advisory

Bruce Sifton
Director – Chairman – Co-Founder

Bruce Sifton has founded several materiel technology companies. Over his nearly 25 year career, Bruce has a proven track record in creating value around diverse opportunities such as urban mining from electronic waste, carbon-based nanochemistry in power and metal applications, basalt fiber composites for military applications and specialty paints and coatings.

Bruce is currently the President of SonoAsh LLC and SonoAsh Engineered Materiels Ltd, focused on delivering unique environmental solution to the coal power industry globally.
He is currently on the board of directors of four companies, each involved in materiel technology development, creating value from waste, and delivering business model solution to the circular economy.

Bruce holds a BSc. (Chemistry) and Master of Engineering (Chemical) from the University of New Brunswick. Bruce is a register professional engineer in both British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Dan Desjardins

Dan Desjardins is a senior mining executive and recent COO of Centerra Gold, a TSX listed gold producer. Dan has extensive international mine operating experience (Canada, USA, Indonesia, Australia, DRC, ROC, Sierra Leone, Kyrgyzstan) and has served on the board of Newmont Mining Corporation’s subsidiary Boards in USA, Indonesia and Australia as well as the Australia Gold Refinery and KCGM in Kalgoorlie, Australia.

Dan has directed comprehensive activities, with focuses on Senior Management Leadership, commercial set up and negotiating activities, continuous improvement, financial reporting, cost control, continuous improvement, contract negotiations, Board membership, Board and Investor relations.

Herb Locke
Board observer and Advisor

Herb Locke is an entrepreneur, environmental consultant, real estate investor, philanthropist, and Angel investor. As owner and president of four companies ranging from environmental consulting (Canada Pacific Environmental Engineering, Omineca Environmental, and Tri-Arrow Industrial Recovery – later sold to US publicly listed Stericycle), to self-storage, and real estate development (Enkind Homes), Herb’s ventures are triple bottom line focused (people, planet, profit TM). Herb holds a BASc in Chemical Engineering, with P. Eng designation from University of British Columbia and has over 25 years of experience in environmental hazardous waste management. He is an active member in the community and has served on municipal, trade and corporate boards including Ronin8 Technologies, City of Surrey, APEGBC, and British Columbia Environmental Industry Association, supporting environmental initiatives. Mr. Locke is also a Canadian best-selling author.

Steve Baker

Steve Baker has extensive global business and development background. He has achieved proven success overseeing regional operations across a wide territory comprising thousands of staff and clients.  As former VP Operations for Shaw Communications, he was directly involved in a number of major projects and  M&A activities.

Brad Aelicks

Brad Aelicks has extensive finance experience and has served as Board Member and Senior Officer in 12+ public and private companies. He has managed companies and their subsidiaries in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. Additionally, he founded Napier Environmental Technologies, an International Manufacturing and Distribution company with global sales. In 2004 Brad founded, B&D Capital Partners, and through Private Equity, Public Funding, Off-Take Agreements, and Development Partnerships, helped clients raise in excess of $600 Million.

Ulf Harring
Board observer and Advisor

Ulf Harring is a Swedish national and spent most of his professional career working in a very international environment in different senior executive positions. He has a M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University in Gothenburg Sweden. Ulf spent a majority of his career in Automotive working for Daimler mainly in executive production, supply chain and sourcing functions followed by 9 years in the white goods appliances business most recently 3 years as COO at Bosch Siemens (Europe and South America) in Munich Germany and is since mid 2018 working as COO at Bridgestone (EMEA) at the headquarter in Brussels.