Just one Ronin8 plant allows for

7170t CO2e avoided

11.40t SOₓ avoided

101169 m³ Fresh water saved

516008t solid waste for ground disposal avoided

Based on the production of 1kg of Gold, as compared to conventional mining

Social & Environmental Benefits

  • Low energy and water requirements
  • A recirculated water separation process that uses no solvents
  • No burning
  • No emissions
  • Reduces transboundary flows of hazardous waste – by locating separation facilities in developed countries like Canada and the USA, we can ensure that the non-metal portion of e-waste (which contains hazardous chemicals) is treated responsibly within the developed world
  • Reduces transportation – locating Ronin8 plants close to recycling hubs will allow for more efficient travel of the separated metal and non-metal streams for final processing

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