Innovation through Separation

Current recycling techniques for printed circuit boards destroy the entire non-metal portion in order to capture the metal value. At Ronin8, we have developed the ground-breaking technologies to separate metals from non-metals, enabling each stream to be processed in a manner which unlocks its maximum value.

Our ultimate goal is to recirculate all metal and non-metal commodities from post-consumer sources back into the manufacturing of new products, creating a circular economy for electronics.

  • Effective separation of metals & non-metals
  • Size reduction (<3mm)
  • Exceptional dust control
  • No burning
  • No emissions
  • Fast & accurate assay
  • Fast deployment (3-6 months)
  • Adaptable scale of facilities
  • A focus on Environmental health and safety at all facilities
1 Printed Circuit Board Feedstock

Our current system is designed and optimized to process e-waste (printed circuit boards) as feedstock.

2 Size Reduction
3 Sonic Liberation

The suspended material is circulated in recycled water through the sonic chamber. The sonic vibrations liberate the metals from the non-metals.

4 Separation

Once the metals and non-metals have been size reduced and liberated, they can be separated into different streams of concentrates. The unseparated material is re-circulated in the sonic liberation circuit until separation is possible.

5 De-watering and Drying

The separated metal and non-metal concentrates are de-watered and dried to prepare for downstream processing.

6 Sampling

The size and shape of the metal and non-metal concentrates (<3mm) make them ideal for accurate and fast assay.

Our unique sonic generator technology gives us an edge over other options in the end-of-life recycling, separation, and commodity industries.