Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the world’s leader in creating a circular economy for the electronics industry.

Our Mission is to responsibly revitalize the maximum value from e‑feedstock by cultivating meaningful relationships and deploying innovative processes.

We believe that perfecting separation is a critical first step in moving towards a true closed loop system in the electronics industry.

  • Cultivating meaningful relationships
  • Always doing the right thing
  • Setting the world’s leading standards
  • Driving brand value for our partners
  • Committed to nimbleness and innovation

It All Starts with Always Doing Right Together

We each offer excellence in our specific roles, but our greatest impact is as a nimble team of global experts, drawn from different industries that would normally not intersect. Starting with our executive leadership, we place cultural fit as the first precursor to success, so that we can continue to innovate for the future.