The Future

Expanding Range of Feedstocks

Adapting the Ronin8 system for the separation of electronic waste streams such as solar panels, fiber optics, whole cell phones, CRTs, lithium batteries, and other forms of e-waste.

Closed-Loop Non-Metals

Carrying out R&D internally and with industry partners to find the highest and best recovery and uses of our non-metals concentrate, such as fiberglass, with the ultimate goal of re-circulating all of the non-metals back into the commodities market.

Closed-Loop Strategic Metals

Identify extraction techniques which complement our metals concentrate output, to partially or fully extract the metal value (including the primary metals, base metals, platinum group metals, conflict, and rare-earth metals).

Special Metals Recovery Projects

Innovating ways to further optimize metals recovery for our partners’ pre-processing and final processing requirements.